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24/10/2012 James Key working on 2013 Toro Rosso car

Toro Rosso made it official in september that James Key joined them to be their new technical director. His input on the next car will however be limited given the short time before 2013 season.

07/08/2012 Moves updated !

Naoki Tokunaga, former Lotus' deputy technical director, left the team to join engine partner Renault in april. He will be there technical director - new generation power unit and will work on the new engines under 2014 regulation.

Ben Agathangelou moved to Ferrari in their aerodynamics department at a senior role in april. He is supposed to be joined in Maranello by Loïc Bigois, former Mercedes' chief aerodynamicist, who left the Brackley team and is on gardening leave. This latter will be replaced by Mike Elliot.

Giorgio Ascanelli, technical director of Toro Rosso, would have left the team in july. His move is to be due to divergences in the way the team is being lead. Rumors report James Key could be considered by the team to replace him.

Rumors report also that Bob Bell would be on his way from Mercedes as the team is currently cutting costs. It would be John Owen, chief designer who would replace him, and there is no news about the role of Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis in this new organisation.

Bill Stone died at the age of 72, he held several important positions with March, Reynard and BAR teams, in Formula One and in other motorsport categories.

07/08/2012 The new 2012 review available

The 2012 review is now available, you can consult it here. From now on, it will be limited to the most interesting part of the previous reviews : staff and moves list.

04/04/2012 Changes at the beginning of the season

Mark Slade, former Mercedes engineer and Michael Schumacher race engineer, came back to Enstone, joining Lotus where he takes in charge the car of Kimi Raïkkonen. Both men already worked together years ago at McLaren.

Fabrice Lom leaves Renault, where he was in charge of customer engines, to join FIA as head of powertrain. In a restructure following the departure of Gilles Simon, Bernard Niclot heads up the engine division.

Antonio Cuquerella will now become technical director of HRT. He was until now in charge of race engineering in the team.

24/02/2012 Winter moves

Ossi Oïkarinen, former Ferrari engineer, joined Team Rosberg in DTM to be their new technical director.

James Key left Sauber and will not be immediately replaced as technical director. The briton is expected to join Lotus in their Le Mans programme soon.

Jacky Eeckelaert left HRT which is now run without technical director. It might be part of a restructuring as Simon Jenkins, former head of production left as well. This one will be replaced by Dave Campbell and chef designer Jean-Claude Martens will now take the lead of the work on the new car.

Mike Gascoyne has been promoted to oversee all group Caterham technical activities. Even if he still has an input in the Formula One team, technical director Mark Smith will take on all the technical daily duties of the team.

15/01/2012 Moves at Ferrari

Things keep changing at Ferrari as three more engineers are movingto leave as well as to join the team. At first, Marco Fainello decided to leave to join Mercedes and former colleagues Ross Brawn and Aldo Costa. Equally, from Brackley based team, Steve Clark is leaving to join Ferrari as head of race engineers. A well known face makes also his come back with Ferrari, Hirohide Hamashima to help the team to improve in making tyres work better.

08/01/2012 Richard Connell head of Marussia R&D

Richard Connell, former race engineer at HRT, joined Marussia in december to be its new head of R&D.

08/01/2012 Ferrari drains McLaren

Ferrari continues to strengthen its team by draining brains from McLaren. We heard that senior stress engineer Jonathan Heal and aerodynamicist Lawrence Hodge would have come to Maranello.

08/01/2012 Head officially steps back from Formula One

Patrick Head, legendary Williams technical director and co-owner, will now step back from Formula One and keep focusing on Williams Hybrid Power. It ends 34 years of successful technical input which lead to 7 driver and 9 constructor titles in the sport.

08/01/2012 New year

The website has been updated to year 2012 and Engineering F1 wishes you an happy new year.

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